Alastair Wallace Stewart (2023)

Alastair Wallace Stewart is the son of the British rock legend Rod Stewart. His mother, Penny Lancaster, is a former model, photographer, TV personality, and police officer.

She is a panelist on the lunchtime chat show Loose Women.

The secret behind his parent’s successful marriage

His father, Rod, and mother, Penny, have been relishing the beautiful married life for over 14 years, and with every passing year, their bond has grown even stronger.

After the two failed marriages, first, with Alana that lasted for six years and second with model Rachel Hunter that lasted for nine years, Rod had not intended to get hitched for the third time until he met Penny at London’s Dorchester Hotel.

Since he was coming out through the heart-wrenching divorce with Rachel, his bandmate did not hand him Penny’s number as he thought it was not the right time.

It was only after six months he handed Penny’s number, which later resulted in a beautiful and healthy relationship.

After a seven-year courtship, they exchanged their wedding vows on the 16th of June, 2007, at La Cervara, Italy.

According to Rod, the reason for his first marriage failure was he had too much living, partying, drinking, and sh**ging to do at the time.

When he got married for the second time, he thought Rachel was the one, but in the end, he got it wrong.

His relationship with Penny not only mended his broken heart but, at the same time, taught him the lesson of love.

After marrying Penny, he realized Intimacy to be the most crucial factor in a relationship that one should not take for granted.

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Intimacy, according to him, is not only about s*x but a kiss and cuddle, which he does every time with his wife, Penny.

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He has a younger sibling and other six half-siblings

His father proposed to his mom at the top of the Eiffel Tower before they knew they were going to be the parents.

Though they were trying for the baby, they had not realized Alastair would arrive quickly.

Alastair got the privilege to spend time with his 62-year-old dad, and hiring a nanny was not required, like in the case of his other six-half siblings.

Rod did not get enough time to spend with his other six children since he was busy in his musical career.

He was in debt to IRS in the 70s and had to do plenty of touring, due to which he was unable to see his kids.

Alastair’s eldest half-sister is Sarah Streeter, 57, born to his father with his girlfriend Susannah Boffey but was raised by adoptive parents before reconnecting with her father after 2007 following the death of her adoptive parents.

His second half-sister is Kimberly Stewart, 42, and eldest half-brother Sean, 41, to his father with his first wife, actress, and model Alana Stewart.

His father’s relationship with model Kelly Emberg gave birth to another half-sister Ruby Stewart, 34, and from second marriage to model Rachel Hunter added to more half-siblings, sister Renee Stewart, 29, and brother Liam Stewart, 26.

He has a younger brother, Aiden Patrick Stewart, who arrived in this world in February 2011 after his mother’s several IVF attempts.

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Alastair aspires to become an Olympic winner

Alastair has been into swimming from an early age and has won several awards. He aspires to become an Olympic swimmer.

To fulfill his ambitions of competing for Great Britain at the Olympics, his parents decided to build a large swimming pool at their U.K. mansion.

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Besides swimming, he is also obsessed with football. His dad wants him to become a football player, while his mom wants him to become a champion swimmer.

Alastair was a 6-time medalist at the weekend swim meets in 2016. Despite being unwell, he managed to achieve 3 finals in the Essex Championship in 2017.

Faced bully because of his celebrity dad

In an interview, his mother, Penny, revealed how he faced bullying at school because of his celebrity dad.

According to her, like his other half-siblings, he also went through such bullying where they used to pass silly comments on his dad.

Besides that, she also revealed that he suffered from mild dyslexia. Having gone through such a situation never held him back as his mother was always there beside him.

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His response to his dad’s s*x lesson

According to his father, Alastair is in his teen and has been dating girls. As a father of eight different age group kids, Rod feels he has to be several different fathers and treat all of them as individuals with different individual problems.

Since Alastair has been dating girls, he thought of giving his son a s*x lesson but was shocked to hear his response. While talking about the do’s and don’ts, Alastair confessed to knowing everything from the internet.

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His mom’s guiltand her shocking revelation

His mom Penny while discussing with the panel of Loose Women, expressed her guilt over splitting her time with him and his brother and his dad, Rod, following the birth of his younger brother.

She revealed that she made pretty much sure to provide equal attention to all three of them and tried her best.

According to her, Alastair was five when she and Rod discovered that she was finally pregnant with their second child after three IFVs and that Alastair was praying for a small brother.

So, from the very beginning, his small brother became his part of life and was very much involved, from feeding him to teaching him how to play football.

In between all of that, there was a kind of guilt she had, and that was sharing her time with her third boy, her husband.

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Not only before Aiden’s birth but also before Alastair’s birth, her husband had reminded her not to neglect him after the baby was born.

She also later discussed with the panel about having the baby contracts ahead of becoming parents, to which she said not having the contracts but getting the wise words from her husband based on the experience he has had with other children and mother.

The only thing that worried her husband was being pushed out of the picture, and he shared it with her while she was pregnant because he had previously have gone through such experiences and also said to her that he understands the baby needs her and she needs to breastfeed but not to neglect him.

At the time, she said she won’t, but after the arrival of the baby, she admitted to having difficulties because, as per her, when the baby comes along and you have a baby brain, and you are breastfeeding.

She also admitted to making a conscious effort not to let her husband feel left out. Above that, she made a shocking revelation.

She said she went out for dinner just hours after she gave birth. She added by saying that she had to sit one cheek and the rest off because of the pain.

She stayed there until her mom, who was at the hospital with her son, called her up and asked her to return to the hospital to breastfeed.

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Rod doesn’t listen to his own songs?

Rod admitted that he doesn’t listen to his songs while driving around Los Angeles or London. He says that he does listen while only making an album.

The artist explained at the time of making records, they heard it continuously for six months at the time of writing the lyrics.

Other than that, when it comes to speaking about the Irish audiences and audiences around the world, he says that it is tougher to speak on that.

Still, the artist says that the cities he believes to be the best crowds and all the home crowds, he feels special with the Dublin audience and a Belfast audience as they sing loud, which is what they actually want.

Also, when asked where he gets that mood, Rod says that he doesn’t know but, despite it, he loves it as that describes what your mood is.

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Rod’s profession before becoming a singer

Many of you might not know, but the artist left school education when he was 15 years old. He then started serving as a silk screen-printer.

Later, he continued working in a family shop portraying the role of a delivery boy. As time passed, he became a laborer for Highgate Cemetery.

Continuing, he was also in a North Finchley funeral parlour, as a sign-writer, and a fence erector. Also, Rod back then wanted to become a professional footballer.

In the summer of 1960, Rod had the trails at Brentford FC, which was actually a third-division club then.

Nevertheless, in the 2012 autobiography, Rod stated that he had never signed the club. Also, he had mentioned that the club also never contacted back.

Moreover, he had confronted that the life of a musician is much easier and shared that he can get drunk while making music, but on the other side, he can’t do the same thing while playing football.

Rod confessed he plumped for music. Lastly, Rod also says that the two things like playing football and singing are the only things he can do for real.

Net Worth

Alastair is yet to start his career. He is relishing a lavish lifestyle provided by his rockstar dad who has amassed hundreds of millions from his incredible musical career.

He has sold over 250 million albums worldwide and is one of the best-selling musicians in musical history. His net worth as of 2021 is:

Net WorthSource
$300 millionSinger-songwriter, Musician


  1. Alastair was born on the 27th of November, 2005. He is 16 years old.

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