Nutrex TESTED Review | Expert Test Booster Review | Side Effects (2023)

Nutrex TESTED Review | Expert Test Booster Review | Side Effects (1)


  • Longoflia Jack Extract shown to boost libido
  • Boron shown to improve test levels


  • Only contains 2 ingredients
  • Missing key testosterone booster ingredients
  • Not likely to raise your test levels
  • Not good value for money

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Nutrex TESTED Review | Expert Test Booster Review | Side Effects (2)

About The Product

TESTED is a testosterone booster made by Nutrex. It costs $54.95 for 30 serving containers, so its quite a normal price (similar to our favorite test booster supplement prices).

But the question well be answering in this review is this; is Nutrex TESTED worth this cash?

How To Take Nutrex Tested

Nutrex TESTED comes advised with a serving size of 2 capsules per day.

We prefer test boosters with serving sizes of 3-4 capsules daily; this keeps your body fuelled with ingredients throughout the day (instead of just 1-2 hours).

Ultimately, this will raise your test levels more effectively than supplements only providing you with 1-2 capsules per day.

Anyway, before analyzing the ingredients inside Nutrex TESTED, well tell you about the company behind this product (for those that dont know).

Who are Nutrex?

Nutrex are a USA-based supplements company that was founded in 2002. Since then, theyve built a strong reputation for themselves and become a respected brand.

This sports nutrition brand are well-known for their Lipo-6 fat burner series (of which weve reviewed the Lipo-6 Black Intense). While theyre not known for their testosterone boosters, were interested to see whether Nutrex TESTED can put them on the map.

Lets see whats inside this testosterone booster below…

Nutrex TESTED Ingredients Explained

This wont be a long review, as there are only 2 ingredients inside Nutrex TESTED. Were glad that theres no proprietary blends in this testosterone booster - but we also wish there were more effective ingredients inside.

Simply put, the best test boosters on the market contain 7-9 ingredients in total, that are optimally dosed. Ultimately, we dont believe Nutrex Tested can match the best products available due to only containing 2 ingredients - but well decide after analyzing them both.

For this reason, well take you through each ingredient inside Nutrex Tested - so you can see how effective this testosterone booster really is.

Heres Everything You Need To Know:

Longifolia Jack Extract

Also known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack and Tongkat Ali; this is a herb thats been used in traditional ayurvedic medicine (traditional Indian medicine) for decades.

For all this time, its been believed to strengthen your erections and increase testosterone levels when consumed in dosages of 200-300mg per serving. Nutrex has dosed Longifolia Jack Extract well at 200mg, so this is good.

But theres a problem; Longifolia Jack Extract hasnt been proven to raise your test levels in any studies conducted on it. While theres evidence to suggest itll positively impact your sex drive and erections, its not a key test boosting ingredient.

We would have preferred to see our favorite T-Boosting nutrient here instead (Vitamin D3, which is proven to work in countless studies).


Boron is a mineral that can be consumed from foods naturally. However, to have any impact on your testosterone levels, you need to supplement Boron in higher dosages.

But heres the problem; Boron hasnt been researched enough to know what its optimal dosage is. So we cant actually advise you what dosages to look out for with this mineral.

Most Effective Test Booster Ingredients

As this Nutrex TESTED review is quite negative, we dont want to seem like were criticizing it without any evidence to back up our claims.

For this reason, were giving you a quick overview of what you should be looking for on your search for the best testosterone booster.

Simply put, the best T-Boosters deliver these benefits:

  • Increased Testosterone Production
  • Enhanced Libido
  • Pack on Lean Muscle Faster

We strongly believe that theseare the 3 key benefits of purchasing taking these supplements - why else would you buy one?

Personally, these are the main reasons why we tried numerous testosterone boosters - before finally finding our top 3 favorite products. The reason why it took almost 20 years to find a test booster that actually works, is because theres so much sh*t on the market - it was like trying to find the best grain of sand in a beach.

Anyway, especially after starting to work in the supplements industry, we noticed that there were key ingredients to look for in these supplements…

Here are the ingredients proven to raise testosterone levels:

  • Vitamin D3- This istechnically a hormone thats proven to be safe and reliable.This is how good it is: Doctorsbelieve if youre going to choose just one ingredient to benefit your overall health, then Vitamin D3 is the best option. Whats even better, is that its shown to significantly increase testosterone levels in numerous studies. One thing to remember; make sure to consumethe optimal dosage (at least 3,332IU per serving).
  • D-Aspartic Acid- DAA is very important, as it helps to regulate your testosterone levels. For this reason, giving your body a helping hand by supplementing between 2,000mg-3,000mg can reallygive you that kick of testosterone that you need as you get older. DAA is one of our favorite ingredients, and deserves a place on this list.
  • Fenugreek- This herb has been used in ayurveda (traditional Indian) medicine for centuries. So what does it do? Well, its proven to boost libido and testosterone levels in numerous studies. The best thing about Fenugreek, is that its effective in dosages as small as 50mg (meaning Frenugreeks a reliable addition to any T-Booster that you dont need in huge amounts).
  • Asian Red Panax Ginseng - This is not often seen on ingredient lists of testosterone boosters - its not well known, and we know that companies prefer to add more reputable ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris (but Tribulus Terestris has shown to be ineffective in numerous studies). This is where Asian Red Panax Ginseng comes in; its proven to have a positive effect on your T-Levels, and even your general health (making it an all-round great ingredient).

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Side Effects

This is one of the best things about Nutrex TESTED; as it contains 2 ingredients that havent shown to cause any side effects - were almost certain it wont cause any side effects as a result.

However, that doesnt mean Nutrex TESTED is worth trying out either. The fact that it only contains 2 ingredients is a bad thing; even Vitamin D3 (which is the best test boosting ingredient on the market cant compete with the best fat burner products).

Bottom Line:Remember that the best fat burners contain 7-9 tried-and-tested ingredients thatre proven to work; no supplement containing only 1 or 2 ingredients will compete with them.

Nutrex TESTED Review Conclusion

For the price of Nutrex TESTED ($54.95), its not good value for money. This testosterone booster only contains 2 ingredients, and they arent even the best options to choose from.

For the price of this testosterone booster, we believe that you could purchase a much higher quality product (in our honest opinion).

Nutrex TESTED Review

Bottom Line

Simply put, the best testosterone boosters contain 7-9 key ingredients that are tried-and-tested to raise your test levels (so you know that youre getting good value for money).

As a result, Nutrex TESTED cant compete with the best test boosters on the market.



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